Thanks for visiting us! LinQhost is happy to help you with wide range of managed hosting solutions.

Did you know that LinQhost is a managed hostingprovider – and hosts all data from the Netherlands?

We offer High Performance webhosting, high available servers and are ISO27001 and NEN7510 certified.

Our expertise is to help developers grow in skills, to build more-powerfull websites / applications and to host webapplications in general for lot’s of company’s. We are proud to help quite a lot of development company’s, SaaS applications and a wide variety of other diverse web-and database applications.

Are you interested in talking to us how we can help to improve your online-business?

From our main office in Groningen our servicedesk is helping our clients on a daily base. We also have an sales office in Amsterdam were we have several meetings.

We would like to get in contact with you to discuss about your needs and how we can help figure out the best products and solutions. Please give us a call at +31 (0)20 4400008 or sent us an email to You can also use our contactpage to leave contact us. We promise to call you back as soon as possible.