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Datadog – The next-generation application performance monitoring tool! Having all performance data from your server, application and log data in one overview will help you take your applications to a higher level. LinQhost is the first certified Datadog integration partner in the Netherlands.

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Our certified Datadog engineers advise, integrate and develop your monitoring dashboards. This is also possible if you are not hosting your websites or applications at LinQhost.

Datadog - Monitoring and problem solutions in one tool

We often encounter problems that can not be solved quickly. You or your developers can spend a lot of time looking for these problems and lose valuable development time. By monitoring your server, application and, for example, log files, you know in real-time how your application is performing. You are able to correlate problems to other events and thus quickly identify the pain points.


However, Datadog can also be a solution if you are experiencing random delays and unexpected errors. By linking this application performance tool to your server/application, data can quickly be obtained and the problem can be detected.


AppWiki has taken their next step towards optimizing their application with Datadog.

Datadog and integration

In order to use Datadog you need to know which data you would want to collect. Simply wanting to receive all data is not always the solution and can cause a lot of noise.

LinQhost advises, configures and integrates Datadog for your organization or your customer. Using Datadog can be realized relatively quickly and we do this through a standard configuration developed by us.

Based on this configuration, we look at what information is received within the Datadog monitoring and what additional information is desirable or required. You can then find our added value in further exploring the results, advice on possible extensions, a larger data collection or linking other services within your dashboards.

At the end of 2019, LinQhost organized a “LinQhost Academy”. Datadog gave a workshop for 80 interested clients about the solutions this tool can offer.

Certified Integration Partner

Datadog certified partner
LinQhost is ISO27001 certified

With LinQhost you are assured of good advice

Our certified engineers have extensive experience in system management and development. Because of this, they know how to interpret the information that the Datadog application obtains, we know how to advise you in the field of monitoring, performance and (further) development.

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