CDN Image Optimizer

As a customized solution, you will be provided with optimized images for your visitors. Your website will be taken to a faster level.

What is CDN image optimizer?

The CDN Image Optimizer makes it possible to optimize images on your website, webshop and web application smartly and automatically for your visitors. It can often happen that your photos are a heavy load on the speed of the loading time. The Image Optimizer helps to compress these files while maintaining the quality, giving you speed instead of losing speed.

Why CDN Image Optimizer is interesting for your business

There is plenty of research to be found about the correlation between speed of a website and conversion hight. In this, we mean the impact that an image can have on the loading time of your page. An image that is not optimized can be harmful to your website. Through our CDN Image Optimizer, your images are optimized so that the entire performance of your website is improved and the conversion hight.

Image optimizer for Digital Agencies and SaaS businesses

More visitors who open more pages and therefore stay longer on your website. All tests show: faster loading times mean a higher conversion.

Speed up the loading time of your web application or e-commerce platform by up to 80% with our CDN Image Optimizer. Your visitors will experience the ultimate speed of loading of the images on every continent.

By storing images in a next-gen format, you save a lot of data traffic on your web application or e-commerce platform.

What benefits do you get with CDN Image Optimizer at LinQhost?

Flexibility in every image

You can create different variations of the same image sizes, crop points and other transformations based on the URL.



Optimization by customer location

Based on Google Cloud CDN, The CDN Image Optimizer always serves images from a location close to your visitors with super-fast response time.



WebP support

Where possible, the modern WebP format is supported and served automatically. A WebP format reduces the size to 64% of the original.



Automated media

You do not have to indicate anything yourself. Upload your images to your own location or bucket, our CDN Image Optimizer does the rest.

quality / blur

Adjust the quality of the image optionally and add any blur while the sharp variant is loading.


Simple link to a public folder or other storage solution. In addition, we support the integration if there is a demand for it.

Optimize your images easier and efficient.

It is often an action that is quickly forgotten. This customized solution can increase conversion. We would like to look at the possibilities together with you, whether we can assist you in this. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our colleagues for more information.


Instantly optimize images?

If you are already making use of our CDN Optimizer, click the button below for instructions on how to edit images to your liking