LinQhost strives for a constant improvement of our services and wants to help our customers to further expand their own skills.

Our mission: “We strive to ensure that our customers are and remain progressive in the field of digital entrepreneurship.”

We want to help our customers to further expand their own skills. And that’s why we started LinQhost Academy! We offer technical workshops to our customers and relations, with every event a topic that really helps you and can even make a difference.

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Were you present at the first LinQhost academy? We are very curious about your experience, and we would love to hear your comments or suggestions at the bottom of this page!

LinQhost Academy: Datadog – monitoring & analytics

Read all about our first LinQhost academy with Datadog here!

Monitoring and analytics software on – including APM – provides insight into the performance of server, (application) code and, for example, log files. The correlation between these facts is extremely important for optimizing your application(s) and maintaining them. More and more companies are working on their software with many or constant releases, but how do you keep the performance of the whole in view? Datadog is monitoring & analytics software that offers additional support for these challenges. A high-performance tool that will help you to bring your applications to an even higher level in the market!

Our first LinQhost academy took place on November 15, 2019. In a workshop of one and a half hours, all the ins and outs were given about the performance monitoring tool Datadog. In this workshop, two technical specialists from Datadog drive to Groningen. During this workshop we discussed the functionalities and gave practical tips on how to use Datadog.
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LinQhost academy

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