For who?

We provide tailored managed hosting solutions. This way, your website or application will always be available for your customers. Through our High Performance Webhosting platform, we take care of your hosting process.

We work for various large (Enterprise) organisations such as Randstad, TNOand Hypotheekadvies

Digital agencies

Everyone has their own methods, configurations and communication. We take care of the optimalisation and support. A tailored approach, with your needs as a focus point.

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Development teams

What do development teams get with LinQhost’s Managed hosting?

Wij nemen uw hosting proces uit handen zodat u kunt blijven focussen op de (door-)ontwikkeling van uw producten en diensten.

  • Expertise
  • Clear responsibillities
  • Support
  • Datadog integrations

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The partner for you!

Big companies

Your website or application is fast and always accessable. Our High Performance Webhosting is the answer. We take care of the technical hosting part so that you can focus on your customers.


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As a (semi- ) government it is important to always be available. Your website or application should be able to handle peak hours and run smoothly for its visitors. We take care of your website or application and make sure it is always up to date.

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You focus on important tasks in the healthcare. We take care of the hosting aspect of your website or application. With constant monitoring and support,  we take care of the technical aspect.


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SaaS applications

From start-up to scale-up with your SaaS service. With a specialissation in SaaS support, you are fully taken care of with the right services and support suited for your needs.

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