Sterc and LinQhost

LinQhost helps Sterc broaden its knowledge and gives us the opportunity to focus on what we do best through excellent, stable, and secure hosting solutions, strategy and development.

Will LinQhost also be a partner for your organisation?

About Sterc

Graded by Sterc

From strategy to development to further development, strategy and technology go hand in hand at Sterc. With their approach they help their customers to arrive at a sound online strategy in four steps.

With this approach, results are achieved, and strategy and technology are continuously optimised. For example, Sterc works together with the customer for structural technical and strategic cooperation.

The Challenge

As an online agency, Sterc must deal with diverse customer cases. You could state that every customer case had its own challenges. From web applications to intensive online systems and links, LinQhost and Sterc consult each other continuously to arrive at the best solutions, layouts, and results.

The Solution

As leader in the MODX-community, Sterc wants to ensure itself with quick, safe, and scalable managed hosting solutions. Diverse solutions are used for different customers.

Services are hosted in the network of LinQhost in the Netherlands as well as through the Google Cloud for other parts of the world and almost always on the HPW (High Performance Platform).

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LinQhost has been partners of Sterc for years and help us with a variety of hosting solutions and the right support for out technical team to help us improve.”

Henk Everts CEO & Partner at Sterc Online Agency