Shiftmanager and LinQhost

“From the start to today’s Shiftmanager is a big contrast. Started small and has grown into a major player, we notice every day that the cooperation and the ability to think along is enormously helpful regarding our rapid growth.”

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About Shiftmanager

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Shiftmanager was founded with the idea that complex processes regarding personnel can be handled a lot easier and more efficiently via innovative and modern techniques. A system where you can automate your entire planning without any technical knowledge, also with the help of the smartphone.

The Shiftmanager team wants to create a sustainable working world in which everyone can decide for himself where in the world, for whom and when they want to work.

The Challenge

Shiftmanager is for us a typical SaaS organization that has grown from start-up to a scale-up organization with all the challenges that entails along the way. Shiftmanager, started on a small scale in 2014 where the goal is to grow over the years – both with its own development and infrastructure. The challenge was therefore to establish a good basis with a scalable infrastructure as a starting point that can grow with the needs of Shiftmanager. For this, continuous consultation is of great importance, Shiftmanager and LinQhost have found an excellence mode in this.


The Solution

Like many SaaS solutions, Shiftmanager also started with a high performance (HPW) solution (managed hosting) at LinQhost. Once a considerable growth has started, the need arose to be more scalable and to respond to (temporary) peaks that the application had to deal with. Shiftmanager develops its application based on the Symphony framework, something that LinQhost can assist in based on its expertise.

We have designed a MySQL (MariaDB) database cluster for Shiftmanager, manage it and maintain various web server solutions based on HPW and Plesk server according to the needs of the software.

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“The collaboration between us and LinQhost has been an asset to our organization for years. Both thinking along on an organizational and technical part has contributed to our growth.”

Maurice Koch Director Shiftmanager