IT scarcity: Join us on an IT knowledge journey to Romania!

LinQhost helps internet and software companies in a technical field. We do this every day with a lot of passion. Apart from the fact that we support these companies on a technical level, we are regularly asked by our customers and relations whether we can not help them with good, qualified developers. In the Netherlands, good development capacity is unfortunately becoming increasingly scarce. We ourselves have also noticed this. We have been working closely with proven IT companies in Romania for many years now. Due to the increasing scarcity on the Dutch IT market, we like to share our experiences and network. Periodically we organize short, but intensive and successful IT knowledge trips to Romania.

Would you like to come along?

A knowledge journey? What do you mean by this?

Many software companies have the same challenge: finding good, qualified programmers. Many have also thought about perhaps looking for part of their capacity abroad or looking for a flexible shell for their company. However, where and how should you start? At this point we want to help you by showing you the right entrances. We do this in the form of knowledge trips where we travel to Romania with a group of up to 10 entrepreneurs. A great opportunity to look at the options and what has turned out to be the case, also a fantastic networking moment with other participants! Short, intensive and efficient.

In our busy lives, no one is waiting for a long time on the road. That is why our knowledge journeys are short and efficient. In most cases we leave on Wednesday and return on Friday. We visit several companies with a diverse expertise. You can think of PHP, Python and .Net development, framework development such as Laravel and Symphony, mobile (and native) development but also development in the field of Open-source CMS systems such as WordPress and Magento. We try to introduce you to the IT possibilities in Romania with a visit to several companies in the full width.

“For one of my companies (Nieuwbouw Online BV) I went on a knowledge trip of LinQhost in October 2017. In the meantime, we had started the first outsourcing project, we had various modules of our software developed based on PHP and executed by an IT company in Romania. Another reason for me to come along was that my customers were also looking for development capacity, the first contacts were also made there. I also gained some new acquaintances. Go on a knowledge journey, it offers you as a company and person absolute added value and gives you a perspective in growing your business.

Alex van Ginneken
Nieuwbouw Online BV”

That’s why Romania!

In recent years we have gained experience in different countries. Romania suits us because of the accessibility of the people, the way of communication and an excellent proficiency of the English language, the quality of work and the short travel time without visas or other conditions: within 2 hours flight we are on location! Of course, there are also bumps to take, we know from experience. For example, you must communicate in a 2nd language, for some companies that can be difficult. We are particularly enthusiastic about the various ways of communication that the companies in Romania have set up and believe that these methods help to bring projects to a success. Of course, we share our experiences during the knowledge journey!

What’s in it for LinQhost?

Again, we want to help internet and software companies to develop more efficiently and faster, but of course we even benefit from it. For our customers, if they can develop faster, we can assist them in hosting the newly developed web services. We also want to help non-existing relationships find the right people and drink a cup of coffee after the trip without any obligations, so we help each other.

If you are interested in one of our knowledge trips, you can register using the form below and we will contact you. Of course you can always give us a call.
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