Policy Statement

LinQhost’s policy is aimed at security and continuity of the servers and its own assets, so that availability, integrity and confidentiality of information and the information systems of the customer and of LinQhost itself is guaranteed. This means the own hosting systems (read: non-purchased cloud services) that are in turn offered to customers and the associated processes, tw.:


  • The administrative process
  • The operations process (technique)
  • Sales and marketing

To this end, LinQhost has drawn up a coherent system of measures that focuses on the continued realization of an optimal level of availability, integrity and confidentiality of information and information systems. Information security is aimed at achieving an optimal level of security. This optimum is achieved through careful consideration of costs and benefits.

The information security policy also applies to the company’s data exchange (suppliers and customers) with other organizations. The policy focuses on our own employees, temporary staff and on staff deployed to third parties to provide services to our organisation. The management is ultimately responsible for the information security policy and has adopted this policy.

Principles information security LinQhost

When applying information security with LinQhost, the following principles are used.

  1. LinQhost strives to demonstratably comply with the standard NEN 7510-1:2017 + A1:2020 standard.
  2. LinQhost complies with all applicable laws and regulations.
  3. Security of information is part of the integral management responsibility. All parts of LinQhost have assigned and recorded responsibilities for information security for this purpose.
  4. When (parts of) LinQhost enter partnerships with external parties, either in terms of content or for the development or management of the information provision, explicit attention is paid to information security. Agreements about this are recorded in writing and compliance with this is monitored.
  5. According to a structured method, the business processes, information systems and data collections of all parts In LinQhost are classified according to the aspects of the availability, integrity and confidentiality.
  6. During the hiring, employment and in event of dismissal of employees, explicit attention is paid to the reliability of employees and to the guarantee of the confidentiality of information.
  7. LinQhost has an active policy to stimulate the security awareness of management and employees.
  8. LinQhost has rules of conduct for the use of (general) information facilities. Compliance with these rules of conduct is monitored.
  9. In the event of a violation of the regulations for information security and/or relevant legal provisions, the management may impose a sanction in accordance with what is laid down in relevant agreements regarding inactivity, disciplinary penalties, and termination of employment.
  10. At LinQhost, measures have been taken for the physical security of people and resources, including confidential information and equipment on which information is stored.
  11. At LinQhost, measures have been taken for the security and management of the operational information and communication facilities. Measures against all kinds of malicious software (computer viruses, spam, spyware, etc.) are an important part of this.
  12. At LinQhost, measures have been taken to ensure that only authorized employees can use the information and communication facilities.
  13. When developing and purchasing information systems, explicit attention is paid to information security in all phases of the purchasing or development process.
  14. At LinQhost adequate measures have been taken to ensure the availability of the business processes and the information (systems) used, both in normal and extraordinary circumstances.
  15. As part of the information security policy process, internal and external parties monitor compliance with the information security policy within LinQhost.
  16. LinQhost has resources for reporting and handling security incidents. The evaluation of the handling of security incidents is used to improve information security.

The management of LinQhost sees it as its responsibility to implement and maintain the information security management system in an effective and economically responsible manner. The purpose of the purpose of the system is to ensure that LinQhost’s organization functions properly so that requirements of customers and stakeholders can be met and to continue to critically assess the system to better meet the requirements of the customers.

Furthermore, we strive to continuously improve the system, procedures, processes, monitor and possibly increase customer satisfaction, meet the requirements of customers, stakeholders, applicable laws and regulations. Information security policy shall be reviewed at scheduled intervals or if significant changes occur to ensure that is appropriate, adequate and effective on an ongoing basis.

This laid the foundation for the continuity of the company. Concrete objectives are laid down in the management review that is drawn up annually.

All LinQhost employees mentioned in the handbook are responsible for the implementation of the quality assurance requirements described in the manual. In otder to be able to meet all this, the employees are trained in this regard.

By working with well-trained staff who understand their profession well, LinQhost tries to translate the requirements of the clients into the organization. This laid the foundation for the continuity of the company.

The coordination, realization and maintenance of the quality assurance system is entrusted to the Quality Manager.

On behalf of

LinQhost Management