Managed Shopware Hosting

LinQhost is a Shopware Hosting Partner

We host your Shopware application on our own High Performance Webhostings platform (HPW). Our HPW is guaranteed quick and proven extremely safe. We have a lot of experience in supporting Shopware to organizations and are therefore your ideal partner.


Thinking along in the process from and to development, problem-solving, and a sparring partner. Our customers choose LinQhost because of our focus on proactive collaboration.

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Why Shopware?

The Shopware platform is increasingly embraced by digital agencies, web agencies and online organizations for the development of e-commerce applications. Shopware is the ideal solution for a fast-growing company, it gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily utilize your growth potential.

Shopware is open source and is therefore interesting for many companies. It is also easy to organize pages, there are many existing themes to get started right away and you can easily create landing pages with Shopping Experiences.

LinQhost does not develop websites with Shopware itself, but focuses on hosting them. We do, however, have a database of good relations – agencies and self-employed persons – who can help you with the further development of your Shopware application.

Shopworks and LinQhost

Shopworks from Utrecht (Enterprise partner of Shopware) is one of our customers who has placed theirShopware applications on the HPW servers of LinQHost. LinQhost’s Managed Shopware hosting is of great importance for agencies such as Shopworks. Support, being able to spar with a technical partner and, above all, knowing that continuity is guaranteed.

Managed Shopware hosting at LinQhost

Quality & continuity guaranteed

We are known for our appropriate technical expertise, practical approach and an open culture. As a managed hosting provider, we specialize in supporting our customers with, for example, an excellent service desk. LinQhost works on a daily basis to improve services, business processes, security and keep the services up-to-date. Our service desk is praised for its helpfulness and high level of knowledge. For optimal unburdening and support, choose LinQhost.

Linqhost is ISO 27001 certified
LinQhost is NEN 7510 certified

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